What are signs my ex wants to get back with me? 10 signs to look for

Published: 03rd March 2011
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After a relationship break up it's quite normal to want to get back together with your ex. This is even more true if you and your ex were together for some time. The longer you are in a relationship with someone, the harder it is to go through a break up. This is quite common in relationships over a year, but a break up can also be very difficult for relationships that is relatively new.

It is common for you and you ex to both start remembering special moments that you shared together. These memories will no doubt lead to you missing your ex and wanting to get back together. And it is most likely that your ex is having the same feelings, and has given a lot of thought to getting back together with you as well

But how can know? Is there a way to know? Are there signs you can watch for, that show your ex is wanting to get back together with you?... Absolutely, and I will give you 10 of the most common signs that your ex may be interested in getting back together with you.

#1 Communication
Your ex is still keeping the lines of communication open between the two of you, through phone, email, text messaging, IM,ect.

#2 physical contact
Your ex repeatedly finds reasons to me with you in person.

#3 Spontaneous contact
Your ex contacts you for no apparent particular or specific reason.

#4 Consoling
Your ex contacts you to tell you about things that have happened to them, and ask you for your advice.

#5 Coincidental Meetings
Your ex always seems to be "coincidentally" seeing you in places that you don't expect to see your ex.

#6 Anxiety
Your ex seems nervous and unsettled whenever they are around you, but is still in no hurry to get away from you.

#7 Social Invitations
Your ex invites you to social events such as a wedding, birthday party, or any event that would bring the two of you in contact.

#8 Unavailability
Your ex has not developed any new romantic relationships, or shown any interest in starting a new relationship.

#9 Impressions
Your ex is showing signs of trying to impress you with a new look, or accomplishments they have made to better their self as a more appealing person.

#10 Voluntary Changes
Your ex has showed that they have identified the reason you broke up, and has made changes on their own to prevent the problem from resurfacing.

Any one of these 10 signs are sure signs that your ex want to get back together in themselves, but if your ex is showing several of these signs, I can pretty much guarantee that your ex wants to get back together with you.

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